Wednesday, August 01, 2007

spot the injustice of it all

In what civilised society does a 15 year old girl who was clearly forced into prostitution face prosecution herself?

Dubai - A man who brought a 15-year-old girl into the UAE after claiming he could get her a job before forcing her into prostitution, was jailed for six months at the Court of First Instance yesterday.

The 35-year-old Iraqi expat will be deported after serving his sentence. The teenager, who is also from Iraq, said she had left her home country as her family were struggling financially and she thought she would be able to help them.
She told the court that the man tricked her into becoming a prostitute in the UAE and claimed that he abused her as he acted as her pimp.
After the repeated abuse became too much she went to police who arrested the man. The youngster faces separate charges relating to prostitution in the Minors’ Court.


Seabee said...

All too often the victim is charged with a crime - the laws need a radical overhaul.

ألاسمحاجّ said...

Damned for what she's been and damned for what she hasn't been. Very unfair I say, very unfair. This is when one can rightly say, the law stinks! A prayer for the innocent girl -at least she had the mind and gall to pit a stop to beig used like this!!

Anonymous said...

The idea is to actively discourage protest. What would happen if all the whores in Dubai went to the cops - this girl may have expected some sympathy and protection. May be a honest job for a brave muslim girl!

By the way in some blog I read about 3 sisters charged for incest with step dad. Loads of commenters wrote to say the girls were guilty, as they did not go to the police and this has been going on for years.

Secret dubai/ marriage/ stoning and lashing

Suddenly-Dubai said...

That was my comment BTW...

Anonymous said...

As a UAE national with PhD in law I have to admit that Sheikh Mohamed has failed to put in place a transparent judiciary and has concentrated more on self PR by anouncing unrealistic projects and reading clever lines which secures his own ego problem. His family members treat the society like animals… they steal from foreign businessmen, threaten them, and some times using the famous state security even arrests them to reach their commercial goals.
it s sad that sheikh mohammed’ s brother in law sheikh hasher maktoum has stolen a multi billin dollar bussiness from a foreign investor just because he is related to sheikh mohammed. We have no human rights here, the judiciary is as corrupt as real estate, finance, immigration…. dubai is crashing

Anonymous said...

Sheikh hasher maktoum is known for being a cheater and stealing from forign investors. infact sheikh mohammed bin rashid has kicked him out of two previous jobs recently. Sheikh maktoum hasher is a wanna be sheikh grown up with poor sheikh complex. ofcourse he is desperate for money because he has never seen money in his life.
I am surprised why sheikh mohammed’ s office has not given a report about the frauds by sheikh maktoum hasher. Its just a matter of time, please keep sending emails ; complaints to RERA ;sheikh mohammed’ s website.
I apologise to all foreign investors who have been cheated by the scissor sheikh. Please note not all uae nationals are like the hungry scissor sheikh hasher maktoum juma al maktoum. God bless UAE; God destroy all criminals and thieves.

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