Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Dubai Model

I am fed up today.

Fed up with people reminding me that “you live in an Islamic country you know….” And using it as a “get out of jail free card” when ever some thing occurs in this fair city that they disagree with. I know where I live and I am more then aware of this countries culture, values and priorities.

I heard a song on the radio this morning:

“She's a good girl, loves her mama
Loves Jesus and America too
She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis
Loves horses and her boyfriend too”

You are living in as Islamic country you know.

Had a good Good Friday though. All you can eat and drink for the equivalent of GBP14.
The bar was packed, heaving with people of all nationalities binge drinking big style. You should have scene it just before the “free bar” closed. Quality.

You are living in as Islamic country you know.

Every Tuesday night in Dubai the fairer sex are plied with free drinks. Every entertainment venue of note offers free booze to entice both girls and boys out to play.

You are living in as Islamic country you know.

Got my tickets to “the original sin” today. “Chicago” plays the Madinat Arena next month. It’s billed as “sexy, sassy, seductive, sensual, sinuous, slinky, sophisticated and sultry”. Can’t wait.

Yes, yes, I know.

Was showing a family around Dubai last week, they were staying in the Golden Sands area of Bur Dubai. Just how many embarrassing questions did I have to answer about the extra friendly female streetwalkers? The one question that stuck out contained the statement “but I thought that this was an Islamic country”

Here’s a good article that I thought you would enjoy reading. It's entitled "The Model Dubai?"


H87T19A said...

Isn't it interesting why you people suddenly got fed up of everything and start nagging about Dubai.

Man! I love this city!

Even though it has some faults it doesnt mean anything

because no one is perfect thus no city is perfeeeeect:)

Never mind me

I just wanted to thank you about the interesting article I enjoyed reading:)

wordhead said...

An interesting read - thanks. As for Dubai, there is no place like it, the good,the bad and the curious. However,the government needs to remember that no matter how it plays itself, an inhibitive media community will gain no respect from a lot of the world.

Also I keep hearing that 1 in 6 people in Dubai is CID. This also conflicts with the progressive city we are supposed to be living in.

Still, I find all the contradictions fascinating,personally.

Axonsax said...

it certainly makes for an interesting city and I too love living in Dubai. All I suggest is that if Dubai is going to allow these contradictions, then she should not condem us for eating the candy that she so freely offers.

sheikha cheryl said...

good point and the ironies aren't lost on most of us.

Anonymous said...

The biggest irony is people that happily whine about this place are the same people that go on living here for years and continue whining about this place.

Indeed the phenomena you mention are the difficulties brought about trying to bring expatriate (basically Western) employees here. All that you mentioned, except for the street walkers, are so that you may live in familiar social surroundings. Expatriates (especially Westerners) enjoy alcohol, they enjoy socialising at bars and clubs and they enjoy going to the beach. Fine. So the government has done its best to accomodate you.

The vast majority of locals are Muslims. They do not drink, they do not socialise in bars and night clubs and they do not like going to the beach because of the levels of nudity.

It seems that the two communities would rarely need to interact outside work. The only time friction about these matters happens is when expatriates get carried away and think this is truly their own country e.g. kissing and touching between sexes in public, drunk driving, misbehaviour while intoxicated, abusive language and gesturing etc.

So if you have been reminded that this is an Islamic country, which it is, it is simply because you as guest have exceeded the generous limits your host country has offered you.

Jin said...

Interesting article axonsax & naturally there are always 2 sides to an argument. I have a fridge magnet from my days in the Magic Kingdom, where conditions are pretty staunch for expates.....and to me the magnet says it all:


We (westerners) are here by invitation, but arrogance & hypocrisy in any nationality will always rear its ugly head.

Axonsax said...

Interesting comment, shame it's anonymous but never mind, thank you for your views.

Its not when one exceeds the "generous limits" of our host country that we could get confused; it's a certain attitude of certain sectors of our society that amuse us.

Anonymous said...

I just received an email about the over the top construction going on in Debai. High rise hotels, condos, and offices that reach above the clouds. Also Palm shaped islands that can be seen from space. Even Donald Trump is said to in on it. The photos shocked and awed me. I need to know if this is true before I forward this on. thanks