Monday, April 17, 2006

Truth or Fiction?

OK people, for those of you who spent a moment or two contemplating our little Einstein's Riddle, you can find the answer right here. Hope that kept some of you amused for a while.....

Looking across many blogs and Internet sites, it becomes apparent that rumors, conspiracy theories and urban legends seem to provide a great source of entertainment.

The following article and web site makes for interesting reading.

“Most of us don't intend to spread a rumor, hoax, or urban legend. We intend to spread the truth.

It's fascinating, however, that in our desire to spread what we think is the truth, certain kinds of stories emerge that are repeated from person to person, year to year, century to century, and place to place. They have popularity and staying power. Yet many of them are not true.

And out of the vast amount of information available to us through radio, Television, the Internet, newspapers, books, and magazines, only a select number of stories qualify as the kind that will be forwarded from person to person. There are thousands of new and clearly true stories everyday that never end up in our email boxes. Why?

Let's explore some of the characteristics of rumors, hoaxes, and urban legends and what we can learn from them:

Because so many of them are quickly and easily spread via email, we have coined the phrase "eRumor" to identify them.”

Check out the website on Truth or for all the answers but please, never believe EVERYTHING you read......!


Anonymous said...

bloody logic puzzle had me worried all day..i knew "ze germans" would have something to do with it.

anyway, nice one

Axonsax said...

lol, typical eh! (don't mention the war)